Sharing Holiday Traditions.

There are so many holiday traditions. Creating ways for students, staff, and parents to share theirs helps everyone feel more connected to one another and to the school.

Here are some ideas on how to create conversations around the holidays:

Discuss holidays with students in all grades.
Create lists of all the holidays the students celebrate.

Share other holidays celebrated around the world such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, and Santa Lucia. 

Talk about how different holidays are celebrated.
Create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast different holidays. This helps demonstrate how alike many of the traditions and celebrations are.

Involve parents, students, and staff in deciding what is shared at school during the holidays. Sometimes having a simple “winter tree” that can hold examples of different traditions is a nice way to “decorate” the main entryway. Students can create something to represent their favorite holiday:

  • Ornament
  • A Thankful Circle
  • Menorah
  • Seven Candles
  • Drawing of their Family
  • Lights

Students can share some of their traditions like a song, favourite memory, family they visit, etc in the classroom and/or at an assembly. 

Create a place where photos of everything happening around the school during the holidays can be shared.
Add some text and/or a description to the photo uploads to add context and create the story and memories. Vidigami allows you to do this easily!

Students are often out of school for two full weeks during the holiday season.
There will be traveling, family gatherings, opening presents, cooking, and so much more.Create an easy way for families to share their holiday photos. Using Vidigami, you can create a single Page for families to upload their photos. Encourage them to add a description during upload to tell what is happening.

When students return to school, share the photos families uploaded over the break.
Talk about all the different activities and traditions students experienced during their break.

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