“Vidigami was inspired by my desire as a parent to have greater visibility into my children’s school experience.”

Mandy Chan

President and Founder

We Believe:

  • Photos have become the shorthand for how we interact and communicate; transcending language and culture; providing authenticity to stories and engagement with community.
  • Students need to be recognized; their individuality cherished, and special moments celebrated.
  • Teachers are eager to share stories of learning and growth, inside and outside the classroom.
  • Parents want to be part of this school experience.
  • This community and their stories are what makes every school unique.
  • Vidigami is here to help capture these stories …. one photo at a time – one student at a time – year after year.

The Problem.

Thousands of photos are taken in schools every day – at every presentation, basketball game and field trip – to document moments of our every experience.  This avalanche of photos is creating mountains of content with nowhere to go. 

Without organization, these photos can’t be found. 

Without consent, the stories can’t be shared. 

Without sharing, we loose our sense of belonging and community.

Our Solution.

An approach to photo management designed to meet the needs of your school and community.

We understand the need to protect and respect privacy.

We understand the pain of media organization and management.

We understand photos can come from every student, staff, faculty and parent.

And, we understand the sense of joy and pride students and families feel when they get to relive moments captured and shared.

Photos are the building blocks of our stories.

The more your community shares, the more they help enrich the personal stories of each student and their connection to your school and each other.