Hands-On Learning.

Most schools advertise that they offer “hands-on learning”, but photos and videos can really demonstrate this! Start by having a month that focuses on “documenting learning”. This happens regularly for some schools, but for other schools, it will take extra effort by all teachers, education staff, and administrators. 

Remind teachers to take photos and videos whenever they see hands-on learning happening.

Share examples that you know happens already to cue teachers into activities that they can document. 

Start with action words:

• Demonstrating
• Creating
• Building
• Moving

Then share some specific examples:

• Using Math Cubes for Place Value.
• Building Bridges in Physics.
• Creating Ancient Egyptian Maps.
• Designing Masks for Day of the Dead.
• Cooking French Cuisine.

Ask teachers to take photos of learning through hands-on activities and upload to a designated location. Ideally, add an easy way for teachers to add annotations/descriptions to give photos context.

Photos can be shared with parents but also used by admissions, marketing, and development to showcase all the great learning experiences happening at the school.

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