Document Learning.

Learning happens all the time. It is all around us. Teachers are tasked with documenting how well learning is happening with their students through assessments, observations, portfolios, and more. But what if we were all tasked with documenting and reflecting on our learning journey?

  • Create a record of what you are doing. This can be written, recorded, in photos or any way that captures the essence of what you are learning and doing. For students, give lots of options for recording their learning. Encourage trying out new tools for documenting. Teachers can model this by recording their own learning.
  • Spend time thinking about what you have learned. We often move on from one thing to another without actually processing what we just learned. Some call this metacognition or “thinking about thinking.” Have quiet time in the classroom with prompts on the board of things to think about such as:
    • Was this difficult or easy?
    • Was this similar to something else you learned already?
    • What was helpful in your learning?
  • Reflect in a way that lets you share your learning with others. Using photos, recordings, journals, or other records, discuss what you learned with others. The prompts above can be used to guide conversations. Offer times for partner discussions, small group, and full class discussion. 
    • Share video and photo learning records with parents through a tool like Vidigami. Share the prompts with parents, so they can ask these questions of their child(ren). This helps with deeper understanding of what their child is learning.

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