School Photo Management Like No Other

Discover the simple way to manage your school photos. Designed exclusively for schools, Vidigami makes it easy for you to organize, centralize, share and control school photos.

Vidigami app of farm field trip

Loved and Trusted by Teachers, Students and Administrators

Why Choose Vidigami?

It’s simple. There is no other photo management system like Vidigami. We provide schools with a social platform that allows teachers, students and families to be part of the everyday student experience while protecting student data privacy.

Find out how to make the most of your school photos.

A Complete Platform for School Photo Management

A window for every parent. A personal portfolio for every student. A media management solution for every school.

Say “Yes” to Capturing and Sharing School Photos

With Vidigami, you control who has access and how much access through multiple levels of privacy and security. It’s easy.


Photo feed in Vidigami
Tagging a person in a photo in Vidigami

Save Hours and Hours of Time

Vidigami intelligently tags and organizes photos at upload so all photos have context and relevance and are easily found.


Engage Students and Families

Everyone can be a contributor. Vidigami is the perfect way to cherish the student experience and engage families with the school.


Photos that re tagged of a user in Vidigami
Photo slideshow in Vidigami

Share Photos with Confidence

Vidigami allows you to quickly build campaigns, videos for newsletters, posts for social media, content for digital signage – all while knowing which photos can be shared with your community or published on social media.


Designed Exclusively With Schools In Mind


Students Share Content

Students can capture learning outside the classroom in Vidigami’s digital portfolio.



Parents Are Involved

Parents can access and take a look at their children’s school experience without having to miss any special moments.


School Marketers

Marketers Produce Content

Marketers can quickly and confidently produce videos, brochures, newsletters and more.



Teachers Encourage Collaboration

Teachers can understand their students’ needs better by building a creative environment.



Administrators Gain Insights

Administrators can safely monitor and manage media in the community.


What Our Schools Are Saying

“We are SO GLAD we purchased Vidigami…THANK YOU for coming up with this product and tailoring it to schools!”

Liz Torrey, Alumni Information, St. Andrews School (Middletown, DE)

“Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami is a tool for our families to better connect with our school. And, it keeps getting better the longer you use it.”

Alan McInnes, Web & AV Service Manager, Southridge School (BC, Canada)

“Logging in, the first faces you see are those of your kids. Vidigami is a consistent funnel of photos telling the story of each child at school and sharing it with their parents.”

Ross Murray, Communications, Stanstead College (Quebec, Canada)

“In the past, photo management was a challenge (platform issues, access limitations, complexity, lack of security). Vidigami offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution.”

Renee Ramig, Director of Technology, Seven Hills School (California)

“I believe strongly in protecting students’ data by keeping access to their photos and other personal details password-protected. Vidigami offers the privacy and security that schools need.”

Namita Toli, Head of School, Montclair Cooperative School (Montclair, NJ)

“This year, more parents and faculty than ever are uploading photos and, while it’s taken five years, it has been time well spent. Parents love being able to easily see photos of their children!”

Tura Cottingham, Director of Marketing & Communications, North Shore Country Day School (Winnetka, IL)

“Vidigami makes it easier to connect with our parents and community. We have a better relationship with parents who are now sharing their photos and contributing.”

Seiji Ogata, Tech Consultant, Caedmon School (New York, NY)

“Every year the yearbook team said that they were struggling with getting the right photos. Now, there is a much larger selection to choose from.”

Kate Raven, Communications Officer, Greenwood College School (Toronto, Canada)

“This is a tool that everyone can use, and I no longer have to scramble around to find the content I need.”

Bethany Silvestri, Director of Communications, Woodland School (Portola Valley, CA)

“So many photos and so little time. Vidigami saves our media and marketing departments hours trying to find the perfect photos. (99% of our campus events, big or small, are now documented with photos.)”

Dean Sauls, Web Manager/Marketing, Cary Academy (Cary, NC)

Ready to take your school’s photo management to the next level?

Find out how Vidigami can help you manage your photos – for your school, students and families.