Designed for sharing.

Private & Secure.

Vidigami has been designed from the ground up to be a private and secure platform for collaborative media management.  Your school determines who has access and how much access every user may be granted.  We securely integrate with your student information system to ensure only members of your community are invited.  Content uploaded to Vidigami is replicated at upload, encrypted and stored in the Cloud so it’s accessible to you at any time.

What Privacy Means to Us.

Privacy means respect – respect for an individual’s right to privacy and respect for the laws and regulations that govern and protect data privacy. We’re committed to protecting information relating to you, your children, your family, your friends and everyone that makes up your school community.  We strive to ensure that information is never compromised and work hard to provide you with a robust platform to enforce your school policies as it pertains to media management. We authenticate every user and maintain accountability for content shared. We promise your data is solely used to provide you and your community with the best possible experience in Vidigami.  As part of our contractual agreement with you, we don’t sell/lease or provide any data to any third party that is not disclosed, we don’t advertise or target your members, we don’t spam or use cookies to track your members and we will delete your data upon your request.

A Checklist of Privacy Features and Functionality:

No one can freely join your community, follow an account or ‘friend’ a member.  Only members of your community are invited to join.
Your members may chose not to join by opting out.  Photos tagged of them will immediately be unshared with everyone in your community, regardless of who uploaded them.
Multiple levels of media release permissions may be assigned to members who want to simply limit how their images may or may not be used.
Every user has the ability to give and withhold consent by reporting and unsharing any images.
When users activate their account, they must accept an Authorized User Agreement that warrants their rights to content they share and provides personal use rights to that content for members of your school.
You control who has access and how much access by assigning them roles and permissions.  You may update these permissions at any time.
All media is replicated and backed-up at upload. The image and any associated metadata is encrypted and stored independently to maximize content privacy and security, actively preventing search engines from indexing and capturing any personal data not intended for the public domain.
Ability to apply copyright protection to give credit to the owner of an image.
Ability to watermark an image to protect it from being downloaded or copied.

Easily Centralize.

  • Every smartphone user is your photographer. Let them upload to every Page or only to specific Collections.
  • Upload from iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • Batch upload or drag & drop hundreds of photos quickly from your computer desktop. 

Intelligently Organize.

  • Photos are tagged at upload according to the Page and Album name making them immediately searchable.
  • Easily add people, creator and context tags to an individual or a batch of photos.
  • Facial recognition can help personalize the content for every student and family.

Automatically Share.

  • Photos uploaded are shared in the Feeds with every User according to the access privileges you’ve granted them.
  • Photos tagged are added to that individual’s personal collection building their living media portfolio, year over year.
  • Notifications are sent to advise staff, students and families there are new photos to see.

Quick Access.

  • Your school’s digital media archive at your fingertips.
  • Find and curate your favorite photos into Collections you can publish on digital signage, newsletters, websites and social media.
  • Use the M365 Vidigami Add-In from Powerpoint or Word to access your photos for presentations and projects.
  • Use CreatorStudio by Picaboo Yearbooks to make yearbook publishing a breeze.