Best Photo Organizing Software for Schools

There are lots of photos taken in schools – by parents, teachers, students, and staff. But, photos are only helpful if they are shared. Photos are taken and then live only on the phone of the user. Or, they are emailed to one person who downloads them to their computer. 

The challenge with sharing photos in a school is finding a system that everyone can access while also keeping the photos private and secure. Not all photos need to be shared with everybody. Not all parents are comfortable allowing photos of their children to be used outside the school. 

Vidigami is an engagement platform designed solely for schools. At its core, it is a media management system that allows schools to organize photos by year, share with only the users they want, and decide who can contribute.

Schools often have many media-rich “touch points” they are juggling – websites, blogs, social media, digital signage, print media, and more. The goal is to have a consistent story when sharing your school brand. Having a centralized location where all media is stored and accessed can make this so much easier. 

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