Proven Strategies for Conveying Your School Story through the Lens of Admissions and Advancement.

May. 15, 2024

What is a story worth? Value of Enrollment + Value of Retention + Value of Alumni Engagement. The first step to effective storytelling is gathering visual content – personal, authentic, timely and dynamic content that tugs at your heart and engages your audience to share in the moments that makes your school experience unique. Every image is its own story. They impact enrollment because they help your prospective families visualize their future. They impact retention because they invite your families to be part of the student experience. They impact alumni engagement because they reconnect them back to the school and remind them how much they are part of the legacy and the future of the school. This is what connects your community.

Join Rob Kodama, Sales Director at Vidigami and former Director of Admissions and Marketing at Crespi Carmelite School for 20+ years, Cristy McNay, Enrollment Solutions Consultant at Finalsite with 10+yrs leading school admissions and Shana Rossi, school leadership and advancement consultant at Partners in Mission with over 25 years of experience at Padua Academy, as they reflect on the power of visual storytelling in driving admissions marketing, community development and alumni engagement.