Understanding the Complexities of AI, Privacy Regulations and School Photo Management.

Mar. 27, 2024

Photos and videos are integral in education. They empower how we teach, how we learn, how we interact and communicate. They play a central role in sharing school stories and driving engagement on social media platforms. 

We must also recognize that these images and videos are personal information subject to data privacy laws, content ownership rights, and publicity regulations. As artificial intelligence technologies, such as facial recognition and automated content production, become more prevalent, there is a pressing need for schools to establish comprehensive policies and programs to address the sensitivity of collecting, storing and sharing photo and video data.

In this fireside chat, Mark Orchison, founder and CEO of 9ine.com, a leading consultancy in data protection and cyber security for educational institutions and Sam Coles, Director of Strategy and Learning at Ardingly College joins Mandy Chan, founder & CEO of Vidigami to discuss the most topical issues related to how schools can safeguard their content and meet the content needs of their community.