Unlocking the Potential: How Media Management Transformed School Culture, Community, & Learning at Cardinal Gibbons High School

Jan. 24, 2024

A hundred thousand photos are uploaded each year visually documenting every part of the Gibbons school experience, from football games and homecoming to performing arts and spiritual life. The school’s photojournalism team contributes to more than 50% of the photos taken by the students, allowing Gibbons to connect with their community through the most authentic stories of student life.

Join Lesley Coe, Chief Technology Officer and Sarah Hardin, Director of Marketing and Communications at Cardinal Gibbons High School as they discuss how media management has become an essential part of their education technology stack for effectively supporting how their community communicates, interacts and learns.

Admissions, marketing and communications, alumni and development as well as yearbook all benefit from being able to share the incredible moments that celebrate the students of Gibbons and what makes Gibbons the #1 Catholic High School in North Carolina.