How to Organize Your Photos Effectively.

Parents, students, staff, and teachers often take thousands of photos during the school year – learning in the classroom, playing sports, assemblies, spirit week, field trips, photoshoots, etc.

Organizing these photos is critical, so they can be found, shared, and used as needed. Vidigami is a tool that can help with media management and sharing them with your community. 

The power of Vidigami is its flexibility to fit each school’s media organizational needs. Made solely for schools.

Vidigami understands that each school is unique but also has similarities like stating “new” each school year. 

Organizational needs vary between teachers, parents, marketing, and department heads. It is important to bring in a representative from both the education side and the staff/marketing side of the school. Discuss what type of organization makes the most sense for your school. Here are some things to consider:

• Do you want to divide academics up by grade, by class, by subject, or in different ways depending on the level?
• How many sports do you have in your school?
Should you divide up by season (Fall, Winter, Spring), by sport (Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field), by team (6th-grade Girls Volleyball, JV Boys Basketball), or by another organizational structure?

• Do you have specialty teachers/subjects (arts, PE, technology, drama, etc.)? Do you want separate pages to highlight these? What organization works for these areas?

• What is the best way to share cross-grade events (spirit week, assemblies, holiday festivities, etc.) Should you create a page for each event? For each grade level group (lower school, middle school, etc.)?
• Will there be professional photography being taken?
Where will these photos be stored? Who will have access to them? 

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