Archiving Media from the 23/24 school year

Over the summer, it is helpful to organize media collected during the previous school year. Often media is uploaded to several places – Google Drive, external hard drives, social media, websites, classroom-specific applications, and more.

Start by selecting a single location to house your digital media archive. Create a folder for the school year – 2023-2024. Within that folder, create sub-folders to organize content in a way that will make it easy to find and access in the future. Ideas include:

  • Grade (e.g. 1st Grade, 7th Grade, etc.) or Levels (e.g. lower school, middle school, upper school, etc.)
  • Events and/or Student Life
  • Field Trips 
  • Athletics
  • Misc. (Often there are photos archivists want to keep but are unsure of a category. Put them in miscellaneous so they are not lost.)

Move media from all locations to your one central location, adding media to the most logical folder. If needed, additional folders can be added to the sub-folders to help with organization and searchability.

A great time-saving solution to archiving is using a single media management platform where all community members can upload content, such as Vidigami. As content is added throughout the year, media is smart-tagged by the name of the container it is located in, as well as by applied keywords. All media is stored in one location, and when the school year ends, the archive is already created.

Setting up organization for 24/25 media sharing

It can be very helpful to create a centralized sharing location for media being uploaded and used at the school. This will not only make organizing media easier, but it will make it quicker to find photos and videos needed by marketing and other departments. It also encourages media contributions, as all users know where to upload their photos.

Whether you are using Vidigami or another platform to organize and manage media, you should decide before school starts on what containers you will need for the year. You can always add more later! 

Discuss with your team (marketing, admissions, department heads, head of school, etc.) on what organization they believe will work best for everyone. Then create the containers (folder, pages, etc.) to house the media.

To make it easier for users to know where to upload media, you can create and share links. For example, if you have a school assembly, share the link to the container with the parents and staff. This will remind them to upload their photos and give them a link to the exact location to upload.

Vidigami makes it easy to organize and share links. With the Media Request Link, users can upload photos with a single click.