Vidigami for Teachers

Facilitating students’ media portfolios will help practice digital literacy and capture evidence of learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Vidigami is a centralized media for learning, teaching, and communications.

Why should I use Vidigami?

“I want to show the creative process as an art educator and [allow the students] to be part of a community.”

Katya, Alumni Information, St. Andrews School (Middletown, DE)

Teachers love Vidigami. Learn how these schools use Vidigami to do amazing things.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have time for something new! Is Vidigami REALLY easy to use?

Yes!  If you have uploaded photos online, you can use Vidigami.  It’s like walking through your school for the first time (or school library); while walking through the doors seem daunting, the experience is awesome once you’re part of the community.  You just need to join.

Do I need another account to sign in?

Vidigami can integrate with the single sign on (SSO) log-ins from your school or social sign ons you use today, like Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

How does Vidigami protect student data privacy? Am I allowed to use it?

Content uploaded to Vidigami is encrypted while stored and transmitted. It isn’t available for access unlike images that are stored in public social media.  Your school works with Vidigami to ensure school policies are enforced to provide optimal access to your students, families and/or staff.

Powerful and Fun Ways to Use Vidigami

Organize Your School Media Life on Vidigami

Create and Share Slideshows with Parents

Help Students Create Personal Digital Portfolios

Save Time and Supercharge PowerPoint with Vidigami Integrations

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