4 Things to Look Out for at ATLIS 2019 Annual Conference


4 Things to Look Out for at ATLIS 2019 Annual Conference Team Vidigami is excited to return to the annual ATLIS conference. Held this year in Dallas from April 14-17, ATLIS focuses on the independent school technology community, and will bring together more than 500 independent school technology professionals, including more than 30 vendors across 35 states and 3 countries to learn, connect, and share knowledge. Along with fellow Platinum Sponsors; Veracross and LearnPlatform, Vidigami will participate as Media Management Partner, bringing back its private social platform as ATLIS’s dedicated portal for sharing event highlights, candids, keynotes, and more. As [...]

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What Flickr Pro Upgrade Means for Users


What Flickr Pro Upgrade Means for Free Users Flickr emerged as a free, photo hosting site for individuals, professional photographers, affinity groups and organizations. It was originally one of the few user-friendly and free photo-hosting sites. Fast forward 10 years, having shifted from Yahoo! to Verizon and now SmugMug, Flickr introduced many new and improved features, fees, as well as advertising opportunities. As with so many free web services, and given the recent changes, either the user becomes the product (i.e. Facebook, Google), or, it's simply time for a new, more sustainable model. Since the acquisition last year, SmugMug has begun to [...]

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Vidigami September Release – What’s New?


Vidigami September Release - What’s New? September 6, 2018 | Vancouver and Hanover, New Hampshire As always, we are committed to helping you and your school capture, organize and share your school experience -- personalized to every student, family and educator. Based on your suggestions, we’ve made a number of terrific improvements to Vidigami  that further help you make the most of your school media. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new for September: 1 - Publishing and Productivity (Vidigami Studio) Want to create great publications, presentations, and other content with your Vidigami media? Check out the new Vidigami Studio [...]

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Updates from ATLIS 2018


Updates from ATLIS 2018 Vidigami helped ATLIS document a fantastic three days in Crystal City, VA at the Annual ATLIS Conference (April 14 to 18). Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, and her team welcomed up to 500 attendees - the largest turnout to date - including EdTech vendors, associations, and technology professionals from over 350 schools from around the North America region, with more than 30 schools from the Vidigami Community. The conference offered a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect, discuss key topics, and exchange valuable knowledge and best practices. This year, Vidigami participated as Platinum Sponsor [...]

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4 Reasons Renee Ramig Chose Vidigami for Seven Hills School


Managing photos and videos can be overwhelming, and today's IT teams bear the burden of maintaining all the content being created, collected and shared while leveraging technology in support of education. Last week, we set course for Los Angeles, CA, to co-present at the 2017 ATLIS Conference, with Seven Hills' Director of Technology, Renee Ramig. We talked about some of the challenges that her IT team experienced when managing the mountains of photos, and how using Vidigami helped control the growing rate of content captured. Some of the topics discussed were: Where do we store content we collect from our community? [...]

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Picaboo + Vidigami: Working on new integration for Fall


Nothing wraps up the school year like a well-produced yearbook. It tells us stories from each and every group and their events - from the basketball team's big victory, unforgettable moments from the school play, and of course, the gorgeous set-up of senior prom night. Yearbooks hold a special place in the hearts of students, parents, and faculty - not only because of all the effort and teamwork that goes into it but also the nostalgia it brings when flipping through its pages years later. To help our schools make the most of these memories, Vidigami has partnered with Picaboo [...]

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Publish Slideshows with Blackbaud onMessage


Using Blackbaud onMessage to publish your school website? With the latest release of Version 4.2.11, Vidigami is bringing you a new way to publicly and privately share your best photos from one secure place. Now, you can update photos organized in group sets and directly share them as slideshows outside of Vidigami. Using public sets, school staff can share the load and showcase photos more efficiently than ever. Simply add or remove photos from the set, and watch how they are updated in each platform the slideshow has been published to. This saves hours of time filtering, downloading and publishing content [...]

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Blackbaud + Vidigami: Learn why a photo says a thousand words


In this digital age, anyone with a smartphone has become a professional photographer. But how do you bring those photographers together to create a community of shared photos and memories?   Join Vidigami and partner, Blackbaud, on a discussion about how to better personalize the parent experience through photos and by creating an engaged school community. Learn how you can encourage your parents to share the valuable school photos they are already taking with Vidigami!   Founded in 1981, Blackbaud is an industry leader providing software services designed specifically for nonprofits. Join us on February 9th at 10am PST / 1pm [...]

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16 November 2015 Vidigami Release Notes


Overview The Vidigami release improves the efficiency and reliability of the uploader. What Changed All photos uploaded will display in higher resolution Improved browsing experience with volume of simultaneous users

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