Summertime at schools often feels very different than the more familiar ebb and flow of the school year.

Summertime at a school might include:

  • Major cleaning inside and outside the classrooms
  • Building and Grounds upgrade projects such as painting, playground refreshes, wood refinishing, etc.
  • Construction projects
  • Moving of furniture
  • Summer School, often with a combination of students from your school and others that are just there for the summer
  • Setting up classrooms for the new school year
  • New student events 
  • Getting Ready-for-School get-togethers, and more!


Capturing moments happening in the summer can tell the story of your school year after year. In Vidigami you can create private containers or Pages to store photos of all the great school updates that happen in the summer like cleaning, painting, moving, and building. Before school starts, grab a few of the photos to highlight all the work that went into the school over the summer and share them with parents and teachers. You can use this also to give thanks to your maintenance and cleaning folks who often get overlooked during the year!


If your school sponsors one or more Summer School sessions, you can use Vidigami to share photos with all of these families. Vidigami can create a separate space specifically for Summer School. This allows you to add both parents who have children attending your school and parents who just have their kids in your summer school. You can create simple links to share with the summer school teachers and assistants where they can upload photos each day. 


When inviting families new to your school to Vidigami, you want to ensure you have some content for them to look at and enjoy. Photos of teachers setting up their classrooms, new student summer events, and back-to-school BBQs and get-togethers are a great way to introduce new families to Vidigami but are also engaging for your returning families and your teachers!