Yearbook Tips

Creating the yearbook, whether a one-person operation, and after school club, or a daily class, is always challenging and takes more time than one imagines with time-sensitive deadlines, multiple contributors, and a need for an organized system of finding specific images of people and events. Vidigami can help. 

Create collections to house photos aligned to the yearbook ladder or pages. Curate images from a group quickly and easily.

  • Create an internal category for Yearbook and restrict access to the yearbook team to keep ideas private until the book is published.


  • If there is a need for specific photos, such as senior baby photos or silliest middle school activity, create a collection and share the media request link to request photos when needed. 


Vidigami makes it easy to organize and search for photos not only for yearbook, but for the entire school archive of photos. With Vidigami, students can find photos within minutes by searching by name, grade, sport, or any other school-specific category or tag. 

For example, if you are looking for photos of a specific student, you can search by name. All photos with tags of the user will show up.

If you want to find photos of a user related to sports, you can expand your search so only photos that are in a Sports category or have a tag of Sports will show up in the results.

Vidigami is also an invitation-only platform with permission settings which allow the school to easily limit access to the photos they want their community to view. Yearbook photos can be pulled from all media uploaded within Vidigami as well as those uploaded into an internal category for exclusive use in the yearbook.