Vidigami PowerPoint integration.

Vancouver, Canada March 19, 2024

Do you want access to the fastest way to make a slideshow presentation? 

Then, use the Vidigami Add-In for Microsoft Powerpoint (and Word) O365. The Vidigami Add-In allows you to access your portfolio of photos in Vidigami, dynamically scale it into your presentation and leverage Powerpoint’s AI-driven Designer to auto-magically lay out the slide based on the text you want added, the number of images you’ve selected and their orientation. Share the presentation or export the slides into JPEGs or MP4 video.

  • Open up PowerPoint. NOTE: PowerPoint Add-Ins (including Vidigami) are supported with both the desktop and web versions of PowerPoint
  • On the desktop, go to the top menu, Insert, Add-Ins, Get Add-ins
  • On the web version, go to File, Get Add-Ins, More Add-Ins
  • Search for Vidigami, select Vidigami Photo Selector and click on Add 
  • Click on Continue with Vidigami to log into your account
  • You will now have access to your Collections, Shared Collections, and Favorite Collections of photos to add to PowerPoint.
  • Click on the Collection that has the photos you want to add to PowerPoint
  • Click the + at the top to add all of the selected photos
  • You can now use PowerPoint’s Designer option to choose a layout for the photos!
  • Repeat the process for each additional slideshow of your presentation


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