Media Request Link (MRL)

Vancouver, Canada March 01, 2024

As we start to wrap up the school year, we want to give a shout-out for the Media Request Link (MRL) feature that was released a couple of months ago. The MRL can improve the ease in which you collect photos for all the year and events!

Any Vidigami user (photographers, staff, teachers, even students & parents) who have the correct permissions can upload media to the container using MRL. With one-click, your users will be able to select their photos and/or videos and upload them to exactly where you want the media to go, such as Sports Day, Graduation 2023, Year-End Talent Show, and more!

A quick way to increase uploads to Vidigami is by sharing a Media Request Link (MRL). Here are some ideas on how you can use an MRL:

  • The final sports game of the season – create an album and share the MRL with your parents asking for them to upload the photos they took at the game.
  • Field Trips – 
    • For a day trip, create an album on the appropriate page (e.g. 1st grade), and share the MRL with the teacher and chaperones. Remind them to upload photos. If there are enough chaperones, one can be assigned the job of photographer (rather than child supervisor) and can upload photos while they are on the field trip!
    • For longer, overnight field trips, create a Page and add albums for the different activities and/or locations they will be visiting. Create an MRL for each album. Add the MRLs, names of the albums, and a QR code for each to a single document. Share with the teacher(s). They can share each MRL with their students & chaperones depending on who is assigned to upload photos on a given day of the trip
  • Calendars – Add MRLs to the major events on your calendar. You can copy these to the parent newsletters to make it easy for parents, staff, and teachers to upload photos. 

  • Yearbook – Often there are pages in the yearbook that just need more photos. The yearbook team can create a Page or Album and send out the MRL to request more photos. Some examples:
    • Create an album called 6th grade yearbook – send the MRL to the 6th grade teachers asking them to upload photos they have taken of 6th graders.
    • Create a Yearbook Sports Page. Create albums for sports that need more yearbook photos. Share the MRL with parents asking them to upload photos. 
    • Fundraiser – Create a Page for your fundraiser. Grab the URL and create a QR code. Paste QR codes through the venue (walls, on the tables, etc.). Remind attendees to upload photos. Just click on the QR code, click on upload media, select the photos and go!

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