Increasing Photo Engagement in Your Fundariser.

Most schools have an annual fundraising gala. Although designed to raise funds, it is often a time for dressing up and socializing.

Creating a simple way for all of those attending – parents, staff, and guests – to easily share photos, will increase the number of great shots you will get. 

Add a central place for all photos to be uploaded. This can be a Google Drive, Dropbox, or any location that has a URL you can grab. Make sure the URL is accessible by all without having to log in.  

Create a QR code from the URL. Add a poster near check-in with the QR code as well as adding it to the program. Users click on the URL, select their photos, and upload.

Vidigami makes it easy to do this by creating a Media Request Link. All photos will go into the selected container. The photos can later be collated and shared!

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