How is Vidigami different from Google Drive and SmugMug.

Google Drive is file storage, and while convenient for saving files, it’s not designed to tag, organize or display visual content.  This applies to OneDrive, Dropbox, and any other file storage solution.

Smugmug is a consumer photo management application designed mostly for selling photos, not necessarily for collaborative media management.  Aside from being able to set a password for privacy to photos online, it is not designed to support consent management or user privacy, tagging, or search. It’s not a digital asset management system.  It’s not designed to meet the requirements of schools.

Through Vidigami, schools have the ability to control content and user access according to their policies. 

Vidigami understands that schools have unique media management challenges and need tools that not only organize and store photos but also consider data privacy, user consent, and the implications of how content is collected and shared within a school community.

Everyone has photos, and everyone wants photos for their personal reasons.  Vidigami enables a school to easily centralize, intelligently organize, and simply share the tens of thousands of photos captured every year.  Marketing can easily find photos for communications and websites, teachers can access them for projects, and students can collect them for their portfolio as they apply for programs and scholarships.  

Schools are able to easily set permissions that allow students, staff, and parents to view, download, and/or upload from one, some, or all pages and albums.  Vidigami unlocks photos from being siloed and lost in drives and applications, so your community benefits from the incredible stories your photos tell.   

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