Brand Style Guide.


Vidigami is a leading School Photo Management platform, dedicated to empowering students, parents, and educators with state-of-the-art technology to securely share and celebrate their school stories. With this in mind, we have created our first style guide – a simple document that outlines the key elements of our brand identity.

We understand that every story grows and evolves, and so does our brand. We welcome new ideas and encourage creativity in design, as long as it aligns with our values and keeps our young brand safe. Our mission is to make school memories last a lifetime, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of our identity.


To cultivate a playful and harmonious environment, it's important to achieve balance in the use of colour and space. Incorporating black and white can help to avoid oversaturation. Make sure every composition breaths well. Remember white is not always a synonym of emptiness.

Hex B6F2D8
Pms 351

Hex FF644F
Pms 179

Pms 162

Hex A083DD
Pms 7446


Hex 000


We use "Spoof" for its fun and expressive spirit, while "Poppins" serves a more practical function as a supporting typeface.

Spoof Black:
Keep the use of its black variation in title case as standard practice. This type is meant to be applied to headlines, titles and more expressive representations.


Poppins Light:
Make use of the light variation of Poppins as the standard practice, with occasional application of regular or bold weights as needed. Poppins is intended to be used as a supporting font for body text, captions, and other functional forms of expression.



While our wordmark is the main face of our brand and the preferred option, there may be situations where our monogram is more effective. For example, our monogram may work better in certain digital environments, such as social media profiles and mobile apps.

Wordmark: Notes.

Use only black or white versions.
Be mindful of readability when scaling or applying to backgrounds.
Allow plenty of breathing room around.
Don't alter colour or shape unless taking a creative licence is justified.
Don't mix with other graphic elements.

Monogram: Notes.

Designed to be used online only.
Do not alter colours or porportions.
It always lives on our green background.

& Expression.

Our brand isn't complete without the complementary pieces outside of our core group. Our accent and expressive elements serve to enhance our storytelling and convey the character of our brand beyond just functional communication.


Big and bold, our frames serve as a metaphor for capturing special moments. They not only provide visual structure, but also draw attention to the focal points, enhancing the storytelling experience.
Use them to frame graphics, words, images, etc.


Our charming and whimsical illustrations, are designed to infuse our stories with delightful moments.


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