Vidigami for Students

All it takes is one photo to tell your story. Share your school experiences with your friends, all in one private platform. Create personal portfolios that best represent yourself, anytime and anywhere.

Why should I use Vidigami?

What students are saying:

“When you see a photo of yourself, you feel like you’re part of something.”

Skye, Trinity-Pawling School

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use social media. How is this different?

Vidigami keeps all your school memories in one spot. Private, Organized, Accessible – school is doing the right thing by not putting you out on social media. Rely on this as your personal library where access is by permission/invitation.

I want to see photos of my friends and me first. Does Vidigami allow me to do that?

Yes! The core of Vidigami is giving you a feed that’s curated for YOU. You can choose which clubs, groups, and sports to follow, and that content is what you see first. You’ll always be up-to-date on what’s going on with the things you care about.

What is my personal brand and why does it matter?

Do you want to rely on your social media as the window to who you are for college recruiters and employers? Use Vidigami to curate and collect the best images that reflect the amazing person you are.

Students love Vidigami. Learn how these students use Vidigami to empower themselves and connect with others.

Powerful and Fun Ways to Use Vidigami

Search for Your Friends and Curate Your Feed

Create a Powerful Digital Portfolio

Download Photos for Your Personal Brand

Create Custom Collections of You and Your Friends

Support For Students

“Getting Started for students

“Advanced Vidigami functions”

“Working with a team in Vidigami”

“The Basics”. (so this would be the for the novice / first time Teacher … how to log in, how to invite someone else and how to upload photos.)