Vidigami for Parents

For a parent, a single photo is worth far more than a thousand words. Vidigami offers a personalized window for every parent, turning albums of memories into a glimpse of a student’s personality. Never miss a special moment of the school experience, all in one accessible, secure, and easy-to-use platform.

Why should I use Vidigami?

What parents are saying:

“Before Vidigami was implemented it wasn’t very easy to keep up with all the different activities and photos happening at the school.”

Megan, Trinity-Pawling School

“I love the fact that I have my son’s photos tagged and I can see them when I hop on the app and I get to see him every day.”

Jodie, Parent - The Woods Academy

“It’s great to have a place we can go to and check out and see (my student’s) day-to-day life and feel a little more connected.”

Deborah, The White Mountain School

“I’m working and travel a lot for work. I need school pictures. I logged into Vidigami, picked my favorites, downloaded them, sent them (while) on the road. Power mom!”

Sarah, St. Timothy's School

“(My son) ended up using (Vidigami) for college. He was a freshman and didn’t have a portfolio. He ended up using (Vidigami) for college. It was nice because you could go in and type in his name and all of his artwork came up. He was able to go to his professors with his phone and show all of his art work.”

Nicolle, Trinity-Pawling School

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to search to see photos of my son or daughter? How hard is this going to be?

Every photo tagged of your daughter is added to her collection of student life. Every photo she’s tagged in as a creator adds to her portfolio of student work. When new photos are tagged of your child, you’re notified. When you see photos in new uploads where she isn’t tagged, just tap to tag. Click on her profile and you get to see the entire collection of photos and videos right on your landing page.

I have lots of amazing photos, can I upload to Vidigami too?

Yes! Your contributions matter and help grow the library of images which make up the school year. The more photos you upload, the more you help enrich the school memories for every student.

Can I download and use photos of my child?

You have personal use rights to the photos shared with you on Vidigami. That means you agree not to post them on social media or put them on a marketing flyer for your business. But, you can use them to make a cup for grandma or include in your holiday newsletter to family.

Parents love Vidigami. Learn how these parents experience a window into their students’ school life.

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