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Hear What Our Schools are Saying

We’ve partnered with hundreds of private schools around the globe and love to hear and share their Vidigami stories and experiences. Here are some exciting examples of Vidigami in action, making a difference and engaging school communities.

Mike Cobb
All Saints Episcopal School (Tyler, TX)

Russell Marston
Rosedale Day School (Toronto)

Jennifer Pawluk
Balmoral Hall School (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Heather Mosher, Alan McInnes
Southridge School (BC, Canada)

Mark Siegel, Rachel Karl
Delphian School (OR)

Amy Bannon
The White Mountain School (NH)

Jacklyn Bunch
Deerfield Academy (MA)

Julia MacMullan
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)

Amanda Beeler
AIM Academy (PA)

Lori Paredes
The Regis School of the Sacred Heart (TX)

Sini Fernandez
The Bear Creek School (WA)

Rob Johnson
La Salle College High School (PA)

Katie Rice Jones
Cathedral School for Boys (CA)

Ashley Burke
The Hamlin School (CA)

Renee Ramig
The Seven Hills School (CA)

Lesley Coe
Cardinal Gibbons High School (NC)

Holton-Arms School (MD)

Jodie Shoemaker
The Woods Academy (MD)

Alison Webster and Hilary Rochelle
Dedham Country Day School (MA)

Madison Powers
The Meadowbrook School of Weston (MA)

Aidan McWhinney, Angie Cairns
Tilton School (NH)


Shaney Crawford

Principal, Tsukuba International School (Japan)
Having Vidigami in place made it so much easier to “time travel” back to when the current graduates were just wee little elementary school students. I really appreciated how easy the software is to use, both for people who are uploading content, and people who are appreciating the content.

Claire Whorton

Communications Specialist, St. Paul Christian Academy (TN)
We used to use social sites like Shutterfly and Flickr to share photos with parents. As an elementary school, we love capturing every moment! We needed a way for parents to access (or not) as many (or as few) photos as possible with a secure platform. Thank you for making all of our lives easier around here!

Kate Raven

Communications Officer, Greenwood College School (ON, Canada)
Every year we hear how the yearbook team struggles with getting the right photos. Now, there’s a much larger selection to choose from. Vidigami was the first product of its kind, offering a central location for the community to upload, while managing who can access what.

Anu Mannar

Director of Marketing and Admissions, The Raleigh School (NC)
We really retain the spirit of parent engagement and involvement. We have a lot of younger parents on campus who take pictures, and, we’re outside a lot (field trips)…key reasons why Vidigami was a natural fit. Currently, we have 94% of our families engaged.

Mary Beth Giallanza

Website Manager, The Gow School (New York)
We love the tags. It’s so helpful to be able to pull up all of the photos of a given student. Vidigami is an efficient way to share photos with parents…and so far, I can tell you that the reception among them has been very positive.

Liz Torrey

Alumni Information, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Middletown (DE)
We are SO GLAD we purchased Vidigami. It’s been revolutionary for our workflow, our ability to crowdsource photos, and for overseas parents to access their children’s photos. THANK YOU for coming up with this product and tailoring it to schools!

Seiji Ogata

Technology Consultant, Caedmon School (NY)
Vidigami makes it easier to connect with our parents and community. We have a better relationship with parents who are now sharing their photos and contributing. Management and outreach is much simpler than it was before.

Jodie Shoemaker

Marketing, Communications and Alumni Relations, The Woods Academy (MD)
I’m a parent at The Woods Academy, and I love the fact that I can hop on the app and see all my son’s tagged photos first thing at work everyday.

Renee Ramig

Director of Technology, Seven Hills School (CA)
Photo management used to be a challenge. Platform issues, access limitations, complexity, and lack of security…etc. Vidigami offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution that’s so valuable for our team.

Alan McInnes

Web & AV Service Manager, Southridge School (BC, Canada)
Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami ensures these are preserved and organized in a student-centric way. The biggest value? Helping families better connect with our school. It keeps getting better the longer you use it.

Ross Murray

Communications, Stanstead College (QC, Canada)
Vidigami brings an exciting new perspective to boarding families. Log in, and the first faces you see are your kids. It’s a consistent funnel of content telling each student’s story.

Marie Mitchell

Learning Commons Coordinator, Fairfield Country Day School (CT)
My favourite thing about Vidigami is how easy it is to upload and access photos so that all the great things we do at our school are documented in one convenient place.

Susan Hutchison

Director of Junior School, Crofton House School (BC, Canada)
Vidigami gives us a very professional, systematic way of organizing photos and videos that’s both easy for teachers and for families.

Laura Korotkin

Communications and Social Media Manager, Detroit Country Day School
A couple of things we love about Vidigami are the security and the face tagging capabilities – which help our yearbook staff and others with projects for the headmaster. It also offers Single Sign-On with Finalsite.

Bethany Silvestri

Director of Communications, Woodland School Portola Valley (CA)
Community is the DNA of Woodland School. Vidigami is in line with community involvement because communicating with visuals creates powerful emotional connection. It’s a multi-faceted tool that everyone can use, and, I no longer have to scramble around to find what I need.

Tura Cottingham

Dir. Marketing & Communications, North Shore Country Day School (IL)
This year, more parents and faculty than ever are uploading photos and, while it’s taken five years, it has been time well spent. We even have a folder for our yearbook editors. I am honored to be an ambassador for Vidigami within the independent school network.

Kristin Mills

Communications, St. Clement’s School (ON, Canada)
One use that has been really helpful is the ability to easily and securely share sets of photos with our vendors as they brand and create our school publications.

Nicolle McDougal

Learning Commons, Trinity-Pawling School (NY)
My son ended up using Vidigami for College! He was able to go his professors with his phone, pull up his tagged photos, and show all his artwork.

Lauren Mandarino

Communications Manager, Royal St. George’s College (ON, Canada)
Vidigami is our photo gallery. It’s the only way we share photos with our community, and we love that our parents get a customized, user-friendly and easy experience.

Alicia Della Maestra

Marketing Manager, Blyth Academy (ON, Canada)
While students are away for a full month, parents sometimes get a little anxious! This is a perfect opportunity for them to log into Vidigami to see how their kids enjoying their summer.

Liz Gouldman

Director of Digital Media & Databases, Holton-Arms School (MD)
We rarely had photos from off-campus competitions. With Vidigami, coaches and parents are now able to easily upload fabulous photos for our Communications team to use and promote the program.

Chris Kasprak

Digital Content Manager, Tabor Academy (MA)
Vidigami provided us with a centralized place for all of the school’s photos, easy organization with tagging for searching, and a much faster workflow for all things photo-related.

Aidan McWhinney

Engagement & Communications Specialist, Tilton School (NH)
Vidigami has streamlined every process I’ve ever had since I started using it. It has made us the best, most loved marketing team on the planet! And…there’s nothing better than happier parents, who now have access to their kids’ photos.

Megan Verchere

Parent, St. George's School (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
I’m someone who is always on-the-go and a working mom, so for me, being able to login to Vidigami on the mobile app is fantastic. I can see parents and students at other independent schools really benefiting from this tool.

Namita Toli

Head of School, Montclair Cooperative School (NJ)
I believe strongly in protecting students’ data by keeping access to their photos and other personal details password-protected. Vidigami offers the privacy and security that schools need.

Dean Sauls

Web Manager and Marketing, Cary Academy (NC)
So many photos, so little time. Vidigami saves our media and marketing departments hours trying to find the perfect photos. 99% of our campus events, big or small, are now documented with photos.

Madison Powers

Communications Manager, The Meadowbrook School of Weston (MA)
We have been really pleased with our relationship with Vidigami from the beginning…It’s really helpful when I want to upload photos, tag the kids, and I know that I’ll easily be able to find photos when I need them. It’s efficient.

Carolyn Lucas

Communications Director, Open Window School (WA)
I like the face tagging and how the metadata is stripped when you pull (content) down…Vidigami has helped our school not only better organize and curate the photos we have, but share and include the community in the process. 

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