Glossary of Terms

Account Owner – The individual who has created and activated an account with Vidigami.
Administrative User – An individual designated on behalf of the participating organization to  manage the organization’s Vidigami community.
Confidential Data – Non-identifiable data specific to an organization or individual.
Content Metadata – Metadata associated with individual pieces of user-provided or Vidigami-derived media.
Flag – An action within the Vidigami system which removes content from access by users of the system. Administrative user(s) may review content and restore content into the Vidigami system so users may access.
Hard Deletion – The erasure of the data from all storage (file systems, databases, etc.).
Opt-out (Analytics) – The ability for any individual holding an account with Vidigami to prevent or restrict some or all anonymous data from being tracked by Vidigami while using the offered services.
Opt-out (Participation) – The ability for any individual to request the removal of their associated data from the Vidigami system.
Personal Data – One or more pieces of information specific to an individual user within the system.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Individual pieces of information pertaining to an individual which may immediately identify them. Examples include name, address, and email.
Public Data – Data deemed as having no direct connection to any one party, generally used for configuration of the offered services.
Sensitive Personal Data – Information concerning an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union activities, physical or mental health, sexual life, or details of criminal offences.
Soft Deletion – The removal of all access to the data by external parties. The data may be retained in some cases on some internally accessible systems.
User-Supplied Media – Any media which is directly supplied by, or on behalf of, a particular member of an organization which holds a Service Agreement with Vidigami.
User-Supplied Information – Any information which is directly supplied by, or on behalf of, a particular individual or Organization that holds a Service Agreement with Vidigami.
Vidigami-Generated Media – Any media produced by Vidigami which does not include active end-user contribution (participation.. etc..) in the creation of the media. (i.e. Vidigami-Generated Media is a derived work which incorporates User-supplied Media and possibly other elements.)