General FAQs

What is Vidigami?

Vidigami is a photo-management system designed to provide a window in to each student’s school life. With Vidigami, members of the school community (faculty, parents and students) can upload, download and share photos in a members-only private site. 

How long does it take to learn how to use Vidigami?

Learning how to use Vidigami will take you less than 15 minutes. Just imagine what this 15 minutes will mean in 20 years when you and your children can look back at the detailed archive of your child’s life in school!

How much time do school administrators need to dedicate to Vidigami to be successful?

As much time as you would like, but very little time is required. As long as you encourage teachers and/or parents to participate and maintain an organized group and album structure, managing your Vidigami community should take you around an hour a week.

Is there a limit to the number of users on the system?

No, Vidigami is scalable. More users equals greater community engagement.

Can extended family and friends of parents be invited to join Vidigami?

Vidigami is currently a system that is intended for use by the immediate parents and guardian of the student. Extended access will be managed on a per school basis.

What happens to the photos after a family graduates from our school?

When a family graduates from school, the school will have the option to maintain that student’s access to Vidigami photos for that student’s school year. If the school chooses, they can also disable access to Vidigami, as schools have full control over all user permission settings in Vidigami.

We have professional photographers on contract. Can we still use their photos?

Yes. We recommend you store all school photos in Vidigami, so your entire school community can access photos from one secure, private location. Your school can choose to upload any school photos you wish, taken by faculty, teachers, students, or photographers. If your school does not want professional photos to be immediately accessed by all Vidigami users, you can create a private group or unpublish an album to hold them in.

What is the best way to transfer photos from a hard drive or other online storage software to Vidigami?

Please contact and let us know exactly how your photos are currently stored. We will find the best solution to get your photos onto your school’s Vidigami community.

What if we decide not to renew the service?

Vidigami will export your collection of photos organized by grade and album to a secure, Internet accessible location should you choose not to continue with the Vidigami program at the end of the school year. We do, however, recommend at least a two year trial period in order to create and instill the culture of photo sharing that will drive Vidigami success at your school.