Easily Share Your School’s Photos

Instantly transform your school photos into meaningful stories for presentations, campaigns and more.

Here’s Where the Fun Begins!

Vidigami saves you time so you can focus on showcasing your school’s community.

Collaboration Through Collections

Everyone wants to see what’s happening at the school. Whether it’s students, teachers or staff, everyone can collaborate on group projects, share photos and create a group archive. And with a common, unified platform, everyone’s on the same system and becomes an expert at its features.

Slideshows Made Easy

Vidigami lets users easily curate, order and share a set of photos and build the perfect slideshow. Use that slideshow for class presentations, digital signage and more. Showcase – and show off – what your school has been up to in a matter of minutes.

Yearbook and More in a Few Simple Clicks

With the integration between Vidigami and Creator Studio™, photos can be moved over seamlessly – no need for downloading and uploading files. Create yearbooks, team books, club books, lit mags and so much more amazing content.

Enhance Powerpoint and Word Projects

Are you a Microsoft power user? No problem! Once you install the Add-in for Powerpoint and Word, you can easily import photos already saved to Vidigami Sets into your presentations, newsletters and more.

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Trinity-Pawling School

“It’s easier just to share the content with everybody outside, through the slideshows. Making it more visible on Facebook. We also have an internal newspaper “The Pride Post” that goes out to the parents and they have been putting the slideshows there electronically. The parents can see more of the events; instead of seeing one or two pictures, you can see behind the scenes. They see every activity that is going on – something that happened at chapel, at sports, in the classroom or a field trip. It keeps everyone informed of what’s going on in our campus.”

Nicolle McDougal, Assistant Librarian, Trinity-Pawling School

School Spotlight

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