Privacy and Control

Manage student data and confidently govern personally identifiable information.

Say “Yes” to Storing and Capturing School Photos

Secure. Private. Controlled.

Permission Granted

Vidigami lets users select which photos published or shared – or opt out entirely. Photos tagged with an opted out user are immediately unshared with members of the community. Share with confidence knowing that permission has been granted.

No Permission? No Problem.

With Vidigami, you can clearly see photos not authorized for public release by marking them with a visual indicator. You’ll know which images should not be used for social media or commercial publications.

Keep It Fair (Use)

Designate the identity of copyright holders. Discourage screen grabs by adding a digital watermark. Disable downloads to safeguard unauthorized use.

Tsukuba International School

“We can decide exactly who gets access to what… [Vidigami] provides the right level of access and also the right level of privacy. It’s a closed system. Unless I actually put that person into the system, they aren’t going to have access to the content. It’s a controlled system that we can control quite tightly.”

Shaney Crawford, Head of School, Tsukuba International School

Managing Your School’s Photos, Responsibly

In a world of smartphones, visual media, and social sharing, schools must be attentive to the personal data of its students and staff. The scope of personal data and how it is shared have expanded greatly over the past 20 years. That’s why protecting digital rights, privacy, and student data are Vidigami’s top priorities.

Download the infosheet below to learn how Vidigami’s design and features can ensure the protection of your school members’ data.

Get the Whole Picture

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