Easily Organize Your School Photos

Save hours of time. All your school photos at your fingertips.

Make Your Photos Usable

Bring context and relevance to your school images.

No More Compromising. Find The Right Photo – Instantly.

Content With Context

Every photo is tagged at upload, regardless of who uploaded it. Immediately search by school year, group, collection, or other keywords to find the perfect photo. Never lose a photo again!

Pages for Everything

A page for the photography club. Another one for the rugby team. Yet another for the grade 9 drama class. All your photos are now organized into collections and easily shared.

Intelligent Face Tagging

Vidigami detects if a face is in the photo and will facilitate tagging with any registered user in the system. Once the system is trained, Vidigami will share new photos of users it recognizes.

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St. Paul Christian Academy

“I don’t even know if I can put [my time saved] into a number. It’s definitely unlimited!

[Before Vidigami] I would have to wade through albums just to find something suitable. Without a way to really search for anything – there were no keywords or tagging on the other platforms we were using – it was really hard to get what you needed. Sometimes I’d compromise with a photo that wasn’t as fitting. Or sometimes not even post a photo at all or not refresh the site at all, because it was so much effort to go through and search.

And now having the ability to just type in a couple of keywords or go straight to an album where I know the photo will be – I don’t even know how to put [the time saved] into numbers!”

Claire Whorton, Communications Specialist, St. Paul Christian Academy

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