Vidigami is the answer to managing school photos – Who can see them? Who can share them? Do we have permission to use them? Where can we find them?

Vidigami provides secure community photo management designed for schools. Combined with robust consent administration, Vidigami makes centralizing, organizing and sharing content joyfully easy.

We remove the complexity of managing content rights and data privacy. We know photos can come from every teacher, staff, parent, or student. We understand the need to protect and respect the privacy of this community while delivering on the content needs of this community.

Through Vidigami, every photo uploaded is intelligently tagged so it immediately becomes part of a school’s living media archive, ready to be shared.

Photos are important to schools for several reasons:

Memories and Celebrations
Photos help schools capture and preserve memories and celebrations of important moments, such as graduation ceremonies, sports events, and cultural events. They also help schools create a sense of community and belonging among students, parents, and staff.

Marketing and Public Relations
Photos needed for marketing and public relations purposes to showcase the school’s achievements, activities, and events. They are also used in brochures, websites, social media, and other marketing materials to bring in mission-aligned students and promote the school.

Historical Records
Photos provide a historical record of a school’s culture, traditions, and development. They can be used to document changes and growth within the school over time and preserve its legacy.

Teaching and Learning
Sharing photos from the classroom celebrates teaching and learning. These glimpses create conversation starters at home and can generate interest in what’s to come as students move from one grade level to the next. Using photos to collect student portfolios is an important measure and commemoration of growth.

Overall, photos play a crucial role in schools by helping to capture and preserve memories, promote the school, document its history, and enhance teaching and learning.

Managing community-generated photos can present some unique challenges, in addition to the complexities associated with managing other types of community-generated content.

Here are some of the main challenges:

Photos can convey a wide range of emotions and ideas, and can often contain sensitive or offensive content. Moderating community-generated photos can require a lot of effort, as photos can be difficult to interpret and may require context to understand the message.

Copyright and ownership
Unlike other types of community-generated content, photos may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights. Platforms must have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure that they do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, and to provide appropriate attribution and compensation for photos used.

Legal considerations
Certain types of community-generated photos may raise legal concerns, such as those that contain nudity, violence, or illegal activity. Platforms must have clear policies and procedures in place to handle such issues, including compliance with laws and regulations governing the sharing and distribution of such content.

Technical challenges
Photos can take up a lot of storage space and bandwidth, which can be challenging for platforms to manage.

Overall, managing community-generated photos requires a comprehensive approach that includes policies and procedures for moderation, copyright and ownership, legal compliance, technical challenges, and user engagement. Platforms that successfully manage community-generated photos can create a safe, engaging, and high-quality community that benefits everyone involved.

Organizing and managing media content
Vidigami provides a centralized platform for schools to organize and manage media content, such as photos and videos of school events, activities, and other related content. This makes it easy for schools to collect and store their media content in a single location, allowing them to easily search, sort, and tag content.

Sharing media content with students, parents, and staff
Vidigami makes it easy for schools to share media content with authorized individuals or groups, such as students, parents, and staff. This allows for easy access to school memories, events, and highlights.

Saving time and effort
Vidigami’s automated tagging and curation features help schools save time and effort when managing their media content. The platform’s AI algorithms can automatically tag and categorize media content, making it easy to find and organize.

Strengthening community engagement
Vidigami helps schools strengthen community engagement by providing a platform to showcase their school culture and activities. This encourages participation and involvement from parents and alumni, helping to build a stronger sense of community.

Preserving school memories
Vidigami helps schools preserve their memories by creating a living media archive of the school’s history and culture. This ensures that the school’s legacy is captured and passed on to future generations.

Yes, Vidigami is a living media archive. It is a platform that allows users to store, organize, and share photos and videos. It is commonly used by schools and educational institutions to manage their media assets, including photos and videos of school events, activities, and programs.

Vidigami’s platform enables users to access and share these assets in a secure and controlled manner, making it a valuable resource for archiving and preserving memories over time. Additionally, Vidigami allows users to easily search, filter, and sort through media assets, making it a highly organized and searchable archive. Overall, Vidigami provides a comprehensive solution for managing, preserving, and sharing media archives.

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Vidigami is a living media archive designed to give communities an extraordinary platform for engaging members in sharing their stories.
Vidigami’s intelligent content management system combines AI with robust privacy and consent administration to enable organizations with a powerful solution for centralizing, organizing, archiving and sharing the experiences that connect their community.