Vidigami Fall 2019 Release – What’s New?


Fall 2019 - What’s New? Team Vidigami | Updated on September 23, 2019 Vidigami is making a number of big changes this Fall. Here is what to expect: 1 - Easily share sets with your community via email In January 2019, we added a way for group managers to share the direct link to a group set within Vidigami via email or social media. This Fall, group managers will additionally be able to manually select specific members from Vidigami and send them an email with the link to the set, all from within the Share Set window. 2 [...]

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Vidigami March 2019 Release – What’s New?


Vidigami March 2019 Release - What’s New? March 7, 2019 We’ve made 3 changes this month to how you work with media in Vidigami. Firstly, you can now choose a file size when downloading images. Secondly, we’ve made private groups more visible in your Group Directory. And, lastly, you can now batch-add metadata to multiple files as an Admin or Manager. Here’s a summary: 1 – Batch-Apply Metadata In Vidigami, users with the permissions below may now batch-apply new metadata to multiple files: With the Apply Tags Permission, you can batch-add context tags to multiple photos or videos. Context [...]

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Vidigami January Release – What’s New?


Vidigami January Release - What’s New? January 31, 2019 This month, we’ve made some changes to Group Sets, making it easier for users with different roles to access collections, contribute to them and share media externally with the appropriate permissions. LEARN MORE. Here’s a summary of what’s new: 1 - See All Sets In Your Group When opening a new group, the Sets Tab was originally hidden by default, and could only be enabled via the Group Settings. Now, when a new group is created and opened, because it is Public by default, the Sets Tab and its content [...]

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Vidigami December 2018 Release – What’s New?


Vidigami December Release - What’s New? December 5, 2018 This month, we’re releasing some much anticipated features in Vidigami: Microsoft O365 Add-In, Insights, Video, and suggestions to encourage community face tagging. Here’s a summary of each feature to help kick off 2019... 1 - Vidigami Photo Selector Add-in for Microsoft O365 Open up your O365 apps! By installing the Vidigami Photo Selector Add-in (now live) in Powerpoint or Word, you can now easily transform your presentations, newsletters and documents with rich content from Vidigami. This Add-in is free for Vidigami Users. LEARN MORE 2 - New and Improved Insights Admins, [...]

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Vidigami October Release – What’s New?


Vidigami October Release - What’s New? October 18, 2018 1 – Order media in your slideshows Slideshows are a quick and engaging way to share highlights of school activities and events. With the latest release, we’ve introduced custom sorting in your group sets, so you can tell even better stories with your slideshows. Simply navigate to your shared group set, then drag and drop content to display photos in your preferred order. If your slideshow is currently published on an external channel, it will instantly update the slideshow too! LEARN MORE 2 - Separating Copyright and Watermark Earlier this [...]

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Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New?


Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New? You might have seen and used a number of apps that give you the option to login via one of your existing accounts. If you have yet to activate your Vidigami account and are logging into the system for the first time, you can now choose to login using Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Why use Social Sign-On? Your Facebook/Google/Microsoft and Vidigami accounts can now be linked, making it easier and quicker for you to login. If you prefer to use a specific platform (e.g. Google) to sign in, you will not need to create [...]

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Vidigami 4.5.6 – What's New?


What's new in Vidigami | March, 2018 Vidigami has launched some new features that make it easier for users to tag people in media as well as to manage group sets and slideshows. Here's what's new: Turning your group sets 'public' Upon creating a new group set, you will be able to enable it as 'Public' within the same window, instead of only being able to activate it in the group set's settings after the fact. This makes it easier for you to instantly set up a new group set specifically for sharing slideshows to social media, email, or [...]

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Vidigami 4.5.3 (Insights and Portfolio)


What's new in Vidigami | January, 2018 Insights As an admin, you can now get a snapshot of how engaged your community is through the new Insights tab in the Admin page. Here, you will be able to view valuable statistics over set time periods on user activations and various activities within Vidigami. This data includes: % of users activated % of families covered Top 5 users (per user type: Parents, Staff, Students) who have been: Uploading - all who are contributing great content from school Tagging faces - all who are actively helping out in getting your school Auto-Tag Ready! [...]

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Vidigami 4.5 (Video)


What's new in Vidigami | November, 2017   Introducing video - allowing you and your community to capture and centralize still memories, and moments in motion. In the latest November release, we've added the ability to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos into Vidigami, easily move albums from year to year, and, several bug fixes and improvements to the system. Here's a rundown of what's changed: 1 - Add external video links External video links from Vimeo and YouTube can now be added into any Vidigami album.  These videos can be viewed, tagged, and shared with the community. Users [...]

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Vidigami + Finalsite: A Success Story with Southridge School


"Having access to authentic crowdsourced content is probably one of the most valuable things a school can have." - Mia Major, Content Marketing Manager, Finalsite. This week, we got together with Finalsite's Mia Major and Alan McInnes, AV Manager from Southridge School in Canada. Southridge is an early-adopter organization who has championed using both Vidigami and Finalsite Composer together to create an integrated photo-sharing workflow. Now, they are gradually opening up the platform to involve the student body as well. Alan, who is also the lead administrator in Vidigami, shared how their team utilizes Vidigami's functionalities, particularly how photos [...]

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