Protecting student privacy in the age of facial recognition and AI


Protecting student privacy in the age of facial recognition and AI By Mandy Chan | February 28, 2020 When we share photos publicly via social media, are we inadvertently giving up our student's identity and personal right to privacy? Recent media coverage on Clearview is just an example of what we can expect of more to come. Two revelations are particularly troubling: 1) Clearview has amassed billions of photos scraped from major photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and others, and 2) Clearview’s face recognition technology is eliminating public anonymity because it’s enabling anyone to snap a [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 3)


Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 3) By Drew Millikin | July 26, 2019 In my previous two blogs on metadata, we covered what makes up metadata and what happens to that data when you upload photos to public social media sites and platforms.  Throughout this series, I heavily referenced the New York Times’ Privacy Project. If  you have not yet checked it out, I highly recommend doing so. It is full of fascinating and sometimes alarming reads. The biggest takeaway for me as we dive more into the privacy problem and have deeper conversations with our schools, is that managing [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 2)


Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 2) By Drew Millikin | July 26, 2019 Can image metadata be owned?  The answer is yes. However, the ownership of metadata depends on 2 things:  Copyright Location of the image. When you take a photo with your digital camera, all the internal metadata stored in your SD card is yours and yours alone, as long as it is offline. As the photographer of the image, you hold the copyright to it and all associated data. Storing Content Online? Often, once an image is moved to a social platform or photo sharing website, you may [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 1)


Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 1) By Drew Millikin | July 2, 2019 There’s a lot more to photos than meets the eye on screen. From the moment a photo is captured, uploaded across devices or shared online, there is a wealth of nested data. Sometimes, a user’s entire life is unknowingly displayed on the web for all to see, simply by virtue of the photos posted. This personally identifiable information (PII) is derived from ‘metadata’. What is photo metadata? In layman’s terms, metadata can be defined as the ‘DNA’ or ‘building blocks’ of any file. For photos, it is [...]

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Access to Photos on School iPads?


Access to Photos on School iPads? 3 considerations for user and content access in school-issued devices. By Bill Miles | April 16, 2019 Earlier this week, the New Haven Register (CT) reported that a parent from one of the Hamden Public Schools raised privacy concerns when she learned that her child had access to hundreds of shared photos of students across the district within a school-issued iPad. Read the full story. According to the article, some of the school-issued iPads had photo sharing enabled for certain folders, with access to photos taken by the school of various students and school [...]

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The Deal with 'De-anonymizing'


The Deal with 'De-anonymizing' By Drew Millikin | March 27, 2019 There was a fascinating segment on NPR’s Weekend Edition recently about ‘de-anonymization’, or, exposing individual’s identities out in public using Google. Professor Kate Klonick at St. John’s University Law School challenged her students to use Google to identify strangers based solely on what they see or overhear in public. According to Professor Klonick, her students were often able to do so in just minutes. It’s a short segment, but definitely worth a listen: This really got me thinking. One of the feelings I often get from schools is [...]

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Louisiana’s Student Data Privacy Law


Louisiana’s Student Data Privacy Law: A Look Into The Future of What Student Data Privacy Laws Will Look Like In Your State. By Bill Miles | March 12, 2019 In 2014, Louisiana passed the nation’s strictest Student Data Privacy Law (L.A.R.S 17:3914 (Act 837 of 2014)). In passing this, Louisiana lawmakers were responding to parent concerns as to how the state and federal government as well as researchers were using student data. Not only does the law broadly define personally identifiable data but it also includes strict penalties such as fines and jail time if a teacher or administrator violates [...]

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Is It The End of Open Social Networks for Schools?


Is It The End of Open Social Networks for Schools? By Bill Miles | March 8, 2019 Mark Zuckerberg’s recent blog post regarding Facebook’s commitment to move away from an open social platform to smaller, private networks has opened up a lot of questions for schools. One of the big whether schools should still be using open social platforms any longer, such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram...among many others. In our previous blogs, we’ve mentioned time and time again: when dealing with personal information of students and staff, especially in the form of photos and videos, schools need to stop [...]

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Has Facebook Finally Come Clean?


Has Facebook Finally Come Clean? By Drew Millikin | March 7, 2019 According to a new report from the Washington Post, Facebook has stated that it will now begin shift its focus. What started as a global social network where users can communicate to large audiences is now gearing up to become a collective of smaller, more intimate groups, where content and conversations are: Shared in a more private and immediate way, and, Information may possibly disappear over time (similar to Snapchat). Along with this shift, Facebook promises to put greater emphasis into protecting is user data through encryption. The [...]

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Does California’s Consumer Data Protection Law Apply To Your Educational Institution?


Does California’s Consumer Data Protection law apply to your educational institution (even if you are not in California)? By Bill Miles | February 15, 2019 More news on the state law privacy landscape from last year. On June 28, 2018, the California legislature passed and the governor signed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) into law. The CCPA is a broad law protecting the personal data of California residents (defined as “Consumers” in the law) and is modelled after the EU’s sweeping privacy protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in May 2018. The GDPR [...]

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