5 Ways to Capture the Student Experience


5 Ways to Capture the Student Experience By Calina Franz-Hernandez | January 31, 2020 What is the ‘student experience’ as we know it? School life has evolved greatly over the years, and even more so with the influx of tech, devices, and connectivity. Now, not only are we able to see each student’s academic performance and results, but their academic journey - their participation in the school community, their friendships, and their personal growth as they explore different skills, interests and projects. This is the student experience, and it barely scratches the surface! In the K-12 setting, these moments [...]

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Video in the Classroom — A Gateway to Media Literacy


Video in the Classroom — A Gateway to Media Literacy By Team Vidigami | May 16th, 2019. According to a 2018 survey on Teens, Social media and Technology by the Pew Research Center, teens ranked Youtube as the most popular social media for 85% of teens. What does this mean for the classroom? It means teachers can leverage video to teach students to think critically, become smart consumers of products and information, identify the role of media in culture, and create media responsibly. The internet exposes students to a vast variety of content from different sources in [...]

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Sharing School Announcements with Vidigami


Sharing School Announcements with Vidigami By Team Vidigami | March 7, 2019. Announcements or 'vlogs' from leadership are a great way to engage the school as a community. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a repository for all school announcements in Vidigami, and how you can share them out. 1 - Create a group Start by navigating to your Group Directory (your school logo on the sidebar) and create a new group under the Events category. You can also choose to place this group under any other group category that you see fit! Give [...]

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Graphic Recording – Engaging Your Classroom & Centralizing Notes


Graphic Recording - Engaging Your Classroom & Centralizing Notes Team Vidigami | October 10, 2018 Note-taking has come a very, very long way in the classroom, and if we're still copying notes and homework from the board word for word, it might be time for something a little faster, fun, and collaborative! It’s time to try graphic recording. "A digital image lives on as an engaging record of the discussion." - Imagethink.net. You’ve probably heard from us time and time again...there’s nothing like visual learning. While blackboards and whiteboards are timeless tools in the classroom, schools are dwelling deeper into the [...]

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DIY Sets: Helping Students Build Beautiful Slideshows


DIY Sets: Helping Students Build Beautiful Slideshows By Shahla Sayeed | September 25, 2018 Many Vidigami schools are using their Arts groups to document visual works. In our last best practices blog, we shared some tips on how to manage artwork in Vidigami - with the help of an organized group structure, people tagging (“creators”), and last but not least, sharing out album links and slideshows for both collecting and showcasing work from the classroom. Now it’s time to let students show off their masterpieces! While the personal Portfolio page (which every user in Vidigami can access on their sidebar) [...]

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Manage Art with Vidigami


Managing Art with Vidigami Team Vidigami | September 18, 2018 The beauty of digital media is that you can take anything in print, canvas, or on stage and turn into something that can be shared. Students today are thriving in the digital world, and there’s no better way to showcase a finished 36″ x 48″ oil painting, woodshop project, or stage play than by capturing it as a photo or video. Now, it can be centralized, organized, and curated for personal portfolios, highlights, and so many other creative platforms. Here’s a few ways Vidigami can help students, teachers, and marketing [...]

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Get Creative this Holiday Season and 2017


Christmas is just around the corner, we're all out and about shopping for gifts, decorating and getting ready for a brand new year. With hundreds of great pictures collected by students, their families, and school staff combined, the possibilities are endless when we start thinking of how to creatively transform digital content into long-lasting mementos. Here are just a couple of ways you can make all the great content stored in Vidigami more personal. 1. Crafting with prints There’s nothing quite like a classic photo print of an unforgettable school moment. Framed and frosted - from mini portraits to full-size posters [...]

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Creating the Perfect Present: 5 Memorable Gift Ideas


Finding the perfect present for anyone, no matter how well you know them, can be a huge task. Having that gift be a complimenting balance of great, creative, sentimental and useful is another challenge entirely. Once you add “homemade” into the mix, it can most definitely be the cause for a lot of stress and anxiety. The solution? Keepsake, personalized items created from some of your best memories. How? With the Vidigami Shop. At Vidigami, we make it easy to turn your priceless photos into long lasting works of art. With a wide selection of gift ideas such as canvas [...]

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