A Little Work Now to Save Time Later


A Little Work Now to Save Time Later By Drew Millikin | September 10, 2019 The first day of the new academic year is one of the best days of the year. Students are back with fresh haircuts, summer tans, and big smiles. It’s a great time to capture their faces and interactions as they reconnect with peers and faculty! But, we know the drill - it doesn't stop at capturing moments. Getting into the habit of organizing your media now can save you a ton of time later on in the school year when you’re suddenly looking for that [...]

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How Parents Benefit from the Right School Photo Management Solution


For some parents, what their children do at school can be something of a mystery. Whether it’s their first day in a new class with new friends, an interesting discovery through the lens of a scientific microscope, or a great action shot of them winning their very first volleyball game, Vidigami provides parents with a unique window into their children’s academic lives. With its simply designed user-friendly interface, navigating Vidigami is easy. Understanding its value for a parent is also easy, so here are the top four benefits of the photo management system for a parent: 1. Personalized for Every [...]

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Want to Take Pictures Like the Pros?


A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Better Photos: Photo Composition 101 Sure, photography is an art, but a few basic tools can help you improve the quality of any photo you take. We asked our in-house Vidigami professional photographer to share some of her best tips on photo composition. Read on to get her top four tips... #1: “Rule of Thirds” This one helps you choose the most important parts of an image. Look at the scene in your camera’s viewfinder or on the LCD screen. In your head, break down the image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Or, turn on [...]

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The Value of Photos Over Time


When photographs first became commonplace, a photo truly was “worth a thousand words.” The average person did not have access to a camera and photos were a way of broadly sharing an event or a faraway place. To this day, a good photo can tell a story to the world in an instant. But in the 21st century, how many photos are taken for every so-called “money shot”? There are now often thousands of photos for every “good” shot. And multiple people are taking photos of the same subject – whose camerawork will come out on top? When the subject is [...]

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