Vidigami for Administrators

Learning outside the classroom is just as important as it is on the inside. Vidigami gives an innovative solution to media management that is easily adoptable by parents, teachers, and staff. We help you create a safe environment for optimal engagement amongst the community.

Why should I use Vidigami?

“I believe strongly in protecting students’ data by keeping access to their photos and other personal details password-protected. Vidigami offers the privacy and security that schools need.”

Namita Toli, Head of School, Montclair Cooperative School (Montclair, NJ)

“We are SO GLAD we purchased Vidigami…THANK YOU for coming up with this product and tailoring it to schools!”

Liz Torrey, Alumni Information, St. Andrews School (Middletown, DE)

“In the past, photo management was a challenge (platform issues, access limitations, complexity, lack of security). Vidigami offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution.”

Renee Ramig, Director of Technology, Seven Hills School (California)

“This year, more parents and faculty than ever are uploading photos and, while it’s taken five years, it has been time well spent. Parents love being able to easily see photos of their children!”

Tura Cottingham, Director of Marketing & Communications, North Shore Country Day School (Winnetka, IL)

“Every year the yearbook team said that they were struggling with getting the right photos. Now, there is a much larger selection to choose from.”

Kate Raven, Communications Officer, Greenwood College School (Toronto, Canada)

“This is a tool that everyone can use, and I no longer have to scramble around to find the content I need.”

Bethany Silvestri, Director of Communications, Woodland School (Portola Valley, CA)

“So many photos and so little time. Vidigami saves our media and marketing departments hours trying to find the perfect photos. (99% of our campus events, big or small, are now documented with photos.)”

Dean Sauls, Web Manager/Marketing, Cary Academy (Cary, NC)

A Celebration of Your School’s Culture

There has never been a better time to promote your school’s powerful culture and community than now. Vidigami makes this easy by giving your school’s teachers, parents, students and community one platform to safely gather media.

Data Protection and Safety

We know that you value privacy and security, which is why we built Vidigami from the start to be used by school communities. Stakeholders share only the photos they want to share, and the data is never sold, shared, or used in any way they are not comfortable with. Feel better knowing that when your school chose Vidigami to be their one place for school media that community privacy concerns are taken care of.

Empowering Your Community

Teachers, sponsors and coaches can now upload their media to one centralized location. Students can build powerful portfolios of their work. Parents can engage in the school community by finally having a window into their student’s school life.

Administrators love Vidigami. We have a proven track record of success with hundreds of schools.

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