Vidigami Year-End Checklist

By Daman Arora | June 4, 2020

It’s safe to say that there has never been a school year quite like 2019/2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools around the world to shift gears in a matter of days to find ways to continue educating students virtually. While we do live in a time where educators have a variety of tools available to support online learning, the speed in which everyone has had to adapt their in-person instruction to remote learning is an incredible challenge. A challenge that is being overcome by incredible resilience and creativity demonstrated by students, faculty, staff, and families. Vidigami saw a large number of our schools go above and beyond for their students. From virtual dance parties to show-and-tell projects, from online art galleries to award ceremonies, we’ve seen so much great content shared over the last few months. This content is visually documenting how much our schools care through their efforts in creatively engaging and supporting students and families during this unprecedented time.  While the impact of COVID-19 has brought pain, sadness, isolation, and disappointment to all of us, the stories we’ve helped capture reminds us that we have the strength to prevail.  
With this in mind, we want to support you in wrapping up the 2020 school year by celebrating your staff, students, and families. Please find below is a list of things you can do to encourage your school to share photos and videos they’ve yet to upload. 

    1. Host an online photo-drive.
      This is an event that you can host (virtually) to encourage people to upload their photos from the school year. While the last few months have been remote for almost every school, it is very likely that your community had photos from the first half of the school year probably just sitting on their phones. This is a great time to get everyone to upload that content into Vidigami.
    2. Resend Vidigami invitations to those users who were previously not invited or had not activated their accounts yet.
      For those users who never had an invitation email to access Vidigami sent to them (late registration families, for example) or the people who did get an invite but never followed through with activating their accounts, a new invite email may be all it takes to get them into the platform. Make sure you invite all the users who should be on the platform to ensure that your entire community is benefiting from all the wonderful photos that have made their way into Vidigami.

      Click here to learn how to invite users into Vidigami as an admin user.
    3. Encourage graduating students to update their login email addresses before leaving.
      Students generally access Vidigami via their school emails.  When they graduate, their emails tend to be deactivated.  Remind your graduates to update their emails in their profile so they can continue to access Vidigami as an alum.

    4. Consider opening up unused yearbook images to your community.
      If your yearbook team has used Vidigami to create the yearbook, then there is a good chance that there are a ton of really great photos that are just sitting in a private group somewhere in Vidigami. Once the school year comes to an end, it is a great time to make that yearbook group public and give your community another reason to jump in and see some great photos from the school year for the first time!
    5. Encourage students, staff, and parents to tag any photos of themselves.
      This one a no-brainer! By tagging photos of yourself or your students/children, it becomes easier for the individuals and parents (in the case of students) to access the photos without having to go through all the different albums throughout the school year just to find specific photos of specific people. Tagging also makes it easier for members of the school to easily search for photos of individuals even years down the road as all the content gets archived and indexed.
    6. Schedule time with your Client Success Specialist (CSS) to review your Vidigami experience in the past school year.
      Lastly, be sure to book some time with your CSS to chat about your Vidigami experience this school year. We want to hear what worked and what didn’t work. We’d like to understand what challenges came up and talk about ways that we can work through them next year. We also want to hear your feedback on what you wish you had so that we can log them into our idea board so we can prioritize features that are important to you.

It’s a good idea to add these items to your to-do list or print out the list to pin it in front of you somewhere so that you can easily access it when you’re ready to do the work! You can also reach out to your client success specialist at any time to discuss any of these items in more detail for your school specifically. 
We hope that you’ve had a great experience using Vidigami this school year and we are excited to show you what’s coming up in Vidigami 3.0 at the start of the new school year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on that, as well as onboarding, throughout the summer!

About Daman Arora: Daman has been as a Customer Success professional for almost 10 years, working with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Salesforce. He has also been a part of a 3-person startup! Now, he is managing the Vidigami Customer Success and Support team, sharing his years of experience to provide the best possible service to each school that uses Vidigami.