3 Communications Tips For School Administrators

By Daman Arora | March 19, 2020

Beyond just the classroom, Vidigami can be a powerful application for administrators at the school. Using media like posters, vlogs, and other visual announcements, schools can communicate important information with staff, students and families in a more dynamic and interactive way. Here are some examples:
1 – School Announcements
Faculty members at the school who are responsible for communicating with families can use Vidigami to do so through various creative methods. Uploading images or videos that share updates on the school’s plans and processes during this period can make staff, students, and families feel included and well-informed. This can also come from the Head of School, who can upload a short 5-minute long video in the format of a vlog. Think of these the same way as morning announcements, except, it is for the staff, students, and parents.
2 – Flyers and Newsletters
While email communication can be a great way to share information, it is also an easy way to have information be missed by those who may not be opening their emails actively. With everyone being encouraged to work from home, email inboxes are likely busier than ever! If your community is already logging into Vidigami for school content, you can upload any flyers or newsletters into the platform for more exposure. Simply save any PDFs as a JPEG file and upload them straight into a Vidigami album under your Marketing or Communications group.
3 – PSAs and Important Information
Part of the responsibility schools have is to provide correct and factual information to their students. While it may seem that there is an infinite amount of sources online which provide all sorts of information on the current COVID-19 pandemic, ensure that your students are getting information from credible sources whenever possible. As your school finds and validates the information found on credible websites such as the CDC or WHO, share that via Vidigami so that your students can learn about what is going on in the world around them. This could be in the form of infographics, PDF one-pagers that get converted to JPEG files, or simply videos hosted on the site’s YouTube or Vimeo channels that you can embed into Vidigami. By vetting the information first, you can provide appropriate content to your students and be certain that they are not getting their information from untrustworthy sources.
We hope that this article gave you some good ideas to keep communications rolling at your school.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has created some stressful circumstances that we must all adapt to, there are many tools available that can help with engaging your community and keep them informed. As a cloud-based tool designed for remote collaboration and crowdsourcing media, we plan for Vidigami to offer bigger and better ways to build connection within your community over the course of this school year.
You are always welcome to reach out to your Vidigami Client Success Specialist to discuss these strategies in more detail or to chat about other unique ideas that may be more tailored to your school’s needs.

About Daman Arora: Daman has been as a Customer Success professional for almost 10 years, working with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Salesforce. He has also been a part of a 3-person startup! Now, he is managing the Vidigami Customer Success and Support team, sharing his years of experience to provide the best possible service to each school that uses Vidigami.