Using Screen Readers for Vidigami Slideshows

By Team Vidigami | July 17, 2019
Vidigami is designed to support content accessibility (this emphasizes content vs our application to be ADA compliant). Slideshows published within Vidigami complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines and are compatible with popular screen readers on the market, including:

The expected behaviour is demonstrated below:

Users can navigate every control option with only the keyboard:

  • The Tab key enables the control menu for the slideshow
    • Pressing tab moves the focus between the control buttons
    • When a button is on focus, the reader describes what it does 
    • Pressing enter when a button is on focus activates the button functions
  • The Left and Right keys control slide flow
  • The Space Bar is pause/play
  • The Screen Reader should do the following:
    • When users press Play or Pause, the screen reader says “Play” or “Pause” 
    • When the image switches (either manually or automatically) the screen reader says “Next Image” or “Previous image”

In this example, the screen reader reads the description added to the Vidigami image in the Lightbox: