Visual Imagery Transcends Language and Culture.

It’s the universal language for every smartphone user who has ever taken a photo and shared it digitally.

As schools drive curriculum and policy agendas aimed at improving equity and access, digital media can personalize student learning, providing parents and community insight into what is happening in their schools. These connections play a significant and positive role in improving school climate.

Download the full whitepaper below to learn more about how media is becoming an increasingly important storytelling component in K12 education, and what schools can do to leverage their content in order to foster a school climate in favor of family engagement, data privacy, and student success.

Special thanks to Michael Atalla, former Director of Microsoft Education Apps and Services, Mr. Christopher B. Collins, Director of Technology at the Riverview School District and Dr. Tommy Chang, former superintendent of Boston Public Schools and instructional superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.