Vidigami September Release – What’s New?

September 6, 2018 | Vancouver and Hanover, New Hampshire

As always, we are committed to helping you and your school capture, organize and share your school experience — personalized to every student, family and educator. Based on your suggestions, we’ve made a number of terrific improvements to Vidigami  that further help you make the most of your school media. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new for September:

1 – Publishing and Productivity (Vidigami Studio)

Want to create great publications, presentations, and other content with your Vidigami media? Check out the new Vidigami Studio button at the top menu of the web app. Vidigami Studio will feature the best of publishing and productivity applications that we’ve integrated with in order to streamline your publishing workflow. You will no longer need to download and upload photos to these applications. Simply select Vidigami as your media source and import them easily into your new projects. Our first two studio applications include:

  • Creator Studio

Vidigami has been highly valued by yearbook teams at our schools – saving hours and hours of time when it comes to collecting photos from multiple contributors and for providing a collaborative platform for helping curate photo sets for production. However, batch downloading photos only to re-upload them into their software is a lot of work! Creator Studio is a complete book publishing software designed by Picaboo Yearbooks for making not only the school yearbooks we all know and love, but also team books, club books, grad books and literary magazines. What’s more, books produced in Creator Studio can be printed and delivered within 3 weeks guaranteed. Or, simply save a copy of your book as a PDF for digital distribution. There is no cost for using Creator Studio through Vidigami, so we encourage you to give it a try. Curate your photos into Sets in Vidigami and see how content and their tags easily flow into your book in Creator Studio. LEARN MORE

  • Vidigami Photo Selector Add-In for Microsoft O365

Create rich media documents and presentations in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with content from Vidigami. By installing and enabling the Vidigami Photo Selector Add-In from your O365 in-app store, you can easily access and add photos from Vidigami directly into your O365 applications. LEARN MORE

2 – Privacy and Security

The ability to Opt-Out students from Vidigami has been important for our schools to manage students and families who chose not to participate in Vidigami. Today, any media tagged of a student who is designated to have Opted-Out from Vidigami would immediately transfer their content to Reported Media and unshare that content with the community.
However, this is often more than what families intend. They simply do not want student photos to be shared publicly or be used for marketing purposes. To help respect the privacy rights of these families and students, schools may now simply indicate students have “No Media Release” rights within the student’s profile. A visual indicator will be displayed on the media thumbnail highlighting that the media should not be used for public display in social media, websites, and marketing collateral.

3 – SSO/SIS Integrations

Single Sign On (SSO) streamlines the ability for your users to log-in to Vidigami with their accounts.  In addition to providing SSO with our partners Finalsite and Blackbaud, we now offer Social SSO with Google, Microsoft and Facebook.  Users still authenticate through the onboarding process based on information provided by your school but they will link their account with their social media accounts to make logging into Vidigami easier.  Note that no information from Vidigami is passed to the User’s personal social media accounts.
Direct Student Information Systems (SIS) integration is now available with Blackbaud, Veracross and Powerschool. By correctly setting up your SIS integration, Vidigami will be able to manage on-going sync between your SIS and users in Vidigami.
To learn more about how each integration works, please visit Option 3 in