Updates from ATLIS 2018

Vidigami helped ATLIS document a fantastic three days in Crystal City, VA at the Annual ATLIS Conference (April 14 to 18). Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, and her team welcomed up to 500 attendees – the largest turnout to date – including EdTech vendors, associations, and technology professionals from over 350 schools from around the North America region, with more than 30 schools from the Vidigami Community. The conference offered a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect, discuss key topics, and exchange valuable knowledge and best practices.
This year, Vidigami participated as Platinum Sponsor alongside leading school information systems provider, Veracross. The Vidigami Pros in attendance included Founder and President, Mandy Chan, CEO, Bill Miles, Customer Experience Manager, Naz Madani, and Account Executive, Jennifer Pickard.  
Opening Day
Given the quickly-rising momentum in education technology trends, solutions, as well as policies over the last few years, the event was a huge success. The conference opened with an interesting review on the future of learning through a Keynote by Donna Orem, President of NAIS.
“We really struck a chord with Donna’s concept of continuous learning…thinking about your association with your school as a lifetime learning experience rather than simply spending 4 years at school and the rest as an alumni.” – Bill Miles, CEO, Vidigami.
Additionally, an interesting question raised was: What is the biggest challenge you see for tech leaders in the coming decade? Audience members texted Donna their replies, which were collected and broadcasted live as a Word Cloud. Top replies included Security, Digital Citizenship, and Privacy, which were incidentally some key topics covered in Vidigami’s conference sessions (read overview Ongoing Activities and Workshops below).

Ongoing Activities and Workshops
I’m delighted to see Vidigami resonate for so many of the leading schools represented at the ATLIS conference. Vidigami is committed to advancing our collaborative media management solution so that the photos and videos collected can further enhance and enrich the school experience for our schools, students and families. – Mandy Chan, Founder and President 
This year, we built a dedicated photo sharing site specifically for the ATLIS organization. The site enabled the event coordinators, photographers, as well as all attendees to crowdsource photos and videos throughout the event in a more organized and engaging way. Here is a Vidigami slideshow of some of the top ATLIS highlights:

We also launched some fun contests for attendees with the most uploads and best content:

1 – Sunday Bootcamp: Community Engagement Success with Vidigami
We invited power users at current (and new) schools to join a hands-on training workshop that walked them through the core features and strategies around Vidigami’s three key pillars of content management – Centralize, Organize, and Share. Participants shared ideas for product improvements through an advisory board, and also raised some key points, such as:   

  • The importance of getting your Vidigami setup before the start of the school year
  • Knowing that you don’t have to go at it alone. Are you championing Vidigami single-handedly? Are there other teams at your school who might benefit from the system? How do you spread the word and engage all the right players so you can improve collaboration, boost productivity, and take engagement to the next level?

2 – Monday Legal Session: Keeping Your Content in Check
In this intensive 2-hour session, Our CEO, Bill Miles, and legal expert Stacy Grossman raised some real-world cases around student data privacy, digital rights, and the layers of laws that govern how visual content from school can be used and shared. They also discussed best practices on teaching digital citizenship, which was reinforced by the word cloud from the ATLIS Opening Ceremony. Other questions raised during the session included:

  • Are memes copyright-able? https://www.copytrack.com/meme-copyright/
  • How can schools effectively educate their community on digital citizenship?  
  • Is there an expectation of privacy in a classroom? (Can a student record a teacher or photo a board with notes without teacher’s permission?)
  • What are the key provisions we should include in an agreement with a vendor that captures Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

In Other News…
The Vidigami crew participated in the Dine About program, networking with individuals from around the country (and also learned about the flower discovery service, Pickle Bucket Bloom!). They checked out the Google Whiteboard, touched base with Victor from Scrible to learn how the service is reinventing research and caught up with Jon Moser from Finalsite on new ideas and products.
Vidigami loves meeting new people and seeing what’s going on in the industry. If you missed us at ATLIS this year and are curious to learn more, please contact us.
Can’t wait for next year!