Share Slideshows through Digital Displays with Rise Vision

Digital displays are a great way to push out content to staff, students, and visitors around campus, like at the reception, in the hallways, or as a kiosk for an admissions event. There are lots of digital signage content management systems that suit every budget and workflow. Here are 3 steps to broadcasting Vidigami slideshows using Rise Vision, a user-friendly tool for presenting your digital signage content.

Step 1: Sign up and create a placeholder

Start by signing up at Once you’ve logged in, create a presentation. You can choose to select a quick template on the go, or, start with a simple landscape. This is the canvas or workspace for your presentation. To start adding content to your landscape, Add a Placeholder. You can modify the title of this placeholder and adjust the dimensions and positioning in its properties. Make sure that the resolution you set matches that of the main display you’ll be sharing your presentation on, and, that your X and Y axes for the placeholder are set to 0. You can always update these values to match your main display at any time.
Step 2: Embed your Vidigami Slideshow
Now that your placeholder is set up, its time to embed a Vidigami slideshow into it. If you have already created, and made your chosen group set public in Vidigami, simply navigate there and share it as a slideshow. Copy the embed code generated. Then, go back to Rise Vision, and on your placeholder, and select the More option. Search for the HTML Widget, and select it to open the settings for your current placeholder. In the Body, paste in your Vidigami embed code, making sure your iframe dimensions match whichever values you set in the placeholder’s properties. You can always replace this embed code with a new one, and, update your slideshow content directly from the group set in Vidigami. Read this article to learn more about how to create a slideshow on Vidigami.
Step 3: Add a main display for your slideshow.
To display media, your main screen must be connected to a base device with wifi enabled. This machine must use either Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, or Raspbian. Start by giving your display a title, and install the Rise Player software for the base. Remember to copy the display ID provided. When prompted, enter this ID into the setup window to complete the installation. Now, stand back, and watch your Vidigami slideshow come to life with Rise Vision!
Want to learn more about how you can leverage digital displays at your school? Come and visit us at the ATLIS 2018 Annual Conference in Crystal City, VA, from April 15-18. This year, Vidigami will be sponsoring the event and hosting several informative workshops, including a session from Vidigami user, Lesley Coe, Director of Technology at Cardinal Gibbons High School. She will be sharing some of the school’s top ways of using Rise Vision to showcase media on campus. Stay tuned to learn more!