“Can I use that photo?”

3 key areas of law to consider when managing visual media at school.

Photos and videos are everywhere on campus. With just a few quick clicks on a smartphone, sharing to social apps or saving to a personal drive, it’s now easier than even to let people know everything that’s going on. What’s more, no longer is there just one designated photographer who needs to be at the scene. Every day, hundreds of photos are contributed and used by students, teachers, coaches, parents, visitors, and the professionals hired by the school.
Here are some cases. Any sound familiar?

  • Teachers record a student’s work digitally, and might get a snapshot of a project or piece of artwork to save in the student’s file, and share with parents.
  • Students take photos during school and share them with their friends via apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. They might want to use this content for school-related initiatives, like yearbooks.
  • Marketing and communications teams featuring images of the school and its students on social media, in printed materials, on the school’s website, and in newsletters to promote key events throughout the year.
  • Advancement and fundraising professionals leveraging visual content to build a genuine story, and connect alumni, parents and friends with the school.

Addressing the Uncertainty
While there are many opportunities to make the most out of the content collected, how photos and videos get used raises complex legal issues for schools. It’s this tension and uncertainty that leads us to 3 key areas of law that must be considered and proactively managed:

  • Copyright
  • Privacy
  • Publicity

Download the full whitepaper below to get a comprehensive look at some of these top legal issues – co-authored by Stacy Grossman, Attorney specializing in Intellectual Property Law.