Managing photos and videos can be overwhelming, and today’s IT teams bear the burden of maintaining all the content being created, collected and shared while leveraging technology in support of education.
Last week, we set course for Los Angeles, CA, to co-present at the 2017 ATLIS Conference, with Seven Hills’ Director of Technology, Renee Ramig. We talked about some of the challenges that her IT team experienced when managing the mountains of photos, and how using Vidigami helped control the growing rate of content captured.
Some of the topics discussed were: Where do we store content we collect from our community? And, how do we organize it and make it easily accessible to everyone who needs it? It’s a big job that takes time, people and tools. Just as we’ve needed to manage our documents in the past it’s critical to consider how we manage our visual media moving forward.
“Without a central and secure location to store content, managing photos was very time-consuming at Seven Hills,” says Renee. “Different groups used their own systems, each bringing a different set of problems, such as access limitations, lack of security, and downloading challenges. Although the school had a local server, users were held back when trying to access content remotely. All these issues created barriers around realizing the value of content, especially while trying to collect and consolidate photos in a timely way.”
Seven Hills wasn’t alone in the pain they experienced. After asking around and posting requests on listservs, Renee found that many other schools were facing similar challenges. That’s when she discovered Vidigami.
Schools were curious about the app. Some of the questions included: How easy is Vidigami to use and whether it was reliable? How compatible was Vidigami with different devices? And above all, was Vidigami secure? Renee committed to trying the system with the marketing, technology, development departments, and a very limited number of teachers first before opening it up to the rest of the Seven Hills community.  After a year using Vidigami, these are the 4 reasons that reinforced her decision for making Vidigami the right choice for managing photos at Seven Hills:  

1. Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Getting the Vidigami system up and running was a quick and simple process. Besides the initial setup and onboarding each year, there is minimal “hands on” time required for IT.

2. Integrated Workflow across platforms

Being browser-based, it works on all devices. For example, teachers can quickly snap pictures with their iPhone and upload using the app. Parents receive notifications on the app, so they know when new pictures are added. Feeds of pictures associated with each user show up when accessing Vidigami.

3. Support & Communication

Very responsive tech support by email, chat, or phone. Vidigami listens to their users and works to incorporate user suggestions into their updates.

4. Optimal Control Over User and Content Access

Security is important. Users must be invited to join the Vidigami community each year. Families that leave the school, only have access to pictures from the years they attended, not the current year. The Vidigami school admin can easily set up different access levels for users, including what they can see and where they can upload to. This allows secure, controlled and appropriate access for all school community groups – admin, teachers, students, parents, and board members.
“Today, photos and videos are as important as the written word is to reading and writing,” observes Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO of Vidigami. “They are needed in schools for virtually every application used for learning and communications. These applications will evolve over time but the snapshot of a moment will not. What we want to do is help organize photos and videos so that regardless of which application schools choose to use, access to the content needed is always readily accessible. We don’t want to see great content locked to one application, device, or server. We want to encourage everyone in this community to capture and share content in support of each other’s work and memories. And, we want to help every teacher, student, and his/her family benefit from the rich collection of media that can document each student’s life the most personal way possible.”
To learn more about how Vidigami is helping Seven Hills stay on top of their school photos reach out to