Nothing wraps up the school year like a well-produced yearbook. It tells us stories from each and every group and their events – from the basketball team’s big victory, unforgettable moments from the school play, and of course, the gorgeous set-up of senior prom night. Yearbooks hold a special place in the hearts of students, parents, and faculty – not only because of all the effort and teamwork that goes into it but also the nostalgia it brings when flipping through its pages years later.
To help our schools make the most of these memories, Vidigami has partnered with Picaboo Yearbooks to offer an integrated solution that streamlines content publishing for schools from their existing collection of photos in Vidigami. Picaboo Yearbooks provides the most flexible platform for creating and publishing yearbooks, team books and club books, celebrating all aspects of school life. No minimum orders, easy project-based design tools and a 3 week turn-around are just a few examples of their great features! 
“We are excited to extend this self-publishing capability to our schools and will continue to work in providing services that help them make the most of their content.” – Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO of Vidigami
At the heart of every yearbook is great content – the stories, visuals, and above all, the photos. Even with weeks and months of planning, finding the right photos to feature in the yearbook leaves everyone overwhelmed. With the thousands of photos collected by every student, teacher and staff, content is scattered at best and great photos are often lost.
“With integration to Vidigami’s platform for crowdsourcing and managing photos, Picaboo Yearbooks will be able to provide our schools easy access to a centralized content repository that simplifies how we tell personal stories and publish great books.” – Bill Miles, General Manager Picaboo Yearbooks.

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