Using Blackbaud onMessage to publish your school website? With the latest release of Version 4.2.11, Vidigami is bringing you a new way to publicly and privately share your best photos from one secure place. Now, you can update photos organized in group sets and directly share them as slideshows outside of Vidigami.
Using public sets, school staff can share the load and showcase photos more efficiently than ever. Simply add or remove photos from the set, and watch how they are updated in each platform the slideshow has been published to. This saves hours of time filtering, downloading and publishing content in between the various channels used to promote the school. Authenticated members of Vidigami may also access the original album through the slideshow.
How does it work?
Embed codes are simple to use and versatile tools that allow you to build media content into any 3rd party platform that can support it. Simply copy the embed code generated when you publish your set, and paste it into a code block for the main slider on the home page, a gallery slideshow, or any other content placeholder. To build your slideshow into onMessage:

  1. Go to the public set you wish to publish and select the Share Slideshow button.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Log in to Blackbaud and go to onMessage.
  4. Navigate to the page you wish to edit.
  5. Go to your website editor.
  6. Edit page content
  7. Add an Embed content block.
  8. Select Embed Settings, add a title and paste your embed code. Adjust parameters if needed.
  9. Save and apply changes. View your page.

Watch the video below to learn more. For any questions, email us at