Publishing school photos can be a tricky task.
With so many events to manage, photos to collect, and countless approvals, we need a better way to make the school’s best photos shine, whether it’s the official website or an e-newsletter for the upcoming fundraising event. It’s time to centralize photos for school staff, making it easier to create, collaborate and publish personalized content for the community online, while keeping privacy in check.
Vidigami is designed to provide schools with the best place for storing and sharing school memories. Now we are bringing a new way to publicly and privately share your best photos from one secure space. With the latest release of Version 4.2.11, you can now take photos organized in group sets and display them as slideshows outside of Vidigami.

Here are some great ways you can share slideshows to engage the school community as well as catch attention from new families:

1. Social media channels

Want to share highlights from an event to your social networks? Simply copy and paste the Share Link to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or WhatsApp, and the URL will generate a preview of the slideshow. Viewers can expand it to full screen, scroll through photos, and if you’re an authenticated Vidigami member, click on the bottom right of the slideshow to go back to Vidigami and access all photos in the original album.
Social Media Post_Slideshow_FB

2. E-Newsletters

When composing e-newsletters for the school bulletin and other news, Share Links can be attached to an in-line photo or through the campaign editor, instantly directing recipients to the slideshow. It’s simple and makes emails more personal!
Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.47.17 PM (2)

3. School Website

Embed codes are simple to use and versatile tools that allow you to build media content into any 3rd party platform that can support it. A great example is your school website. Simply copy the embed code generated when you publish your set, and paste it into a code block for the main slider on the home page, a gallery slideshow, or any other content placeholder. Learn how to embed links into Blackbaud onMessage and Finalsite Composer.
New Screenshots-10

4. Digital displays

Did you know embed codes work with Digital Signage systems too? Simply forward your embed code to the school IT team to get started, and showcase great moments throughout the campus.
 SMU-cox_digital display mockup 2017-01-20

Public slideshows compliment private sharing by allowing schools to publish photos they have rights to from directly within Vidigami without having to download and re-upload content to other platforms.

You can regularly add and remove photos in a group set, and watch how it dynamically updates the slideshows you’ve already published throughout your school’s key channels.
For more info, check out the FAQ page or contact

Watch the video below to learn how to share slideshows with Vidigami